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[Webb (C. de B.) & Wright (J.B.) Editors]


Statements made by Cetshwayo kaMpande on the history and customs of his people

Published: Pietermaritzburg, 1978

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126 pages, 8vo (210 x 145 mm), frontispiece portrait, 5 maps, 12 plates, blue skivertex, a very good copy in the dust jacket. Killie Campbell Africana Library Reprint Series no. 3.

Editor's note:'Few of the published sources on the history of the Zulu Kingdom leave any record of events as seen through the eyes of the Zulu themselves. As a step towards trying to fill the hiatus, the editors of 'A Zulu King Speaks' have brought together in reprinted form three statements made after the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 by Cetshwayo kaMapande, the last of the Zulu kings, on the history and customs of his people. Though the focus is on the period leading up the king's overthrow and exile to Cape Town, his comments range over the whole sweep of Zulu history from the late 18th century onwards.'