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Dronsfield (John)


Published: Cape Town, 1956

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Portfolio, 460 x 390 mm., 15 separate plates each with a numbered 'African Improvisation' reproduced by photolithography and facsimile as to size and colour, each reproduction is plate sunk, the paper is a special off-white cartridge, the portfolio is full bound in blue cloth with flaps at head, tale and fore-edge with blue tie-tapes, pictorial title label on upper cover, inside it is lined with with grey cover-paper. Contents: Introductory sheet carries descriptive matter, some biographical details and number in the edition and 15 separate plates. The edition is limited to 120 copies of which 1 - 110 are numbered, and 10 are reserved for the publisher and are numbered A to J, this copy is number 17, With this copy is the promotional leaflet for the portfolio. Janda Press

"In 1949, when he had been in South Africa for ten years, John Dronsfield began work on a series of drawings and paintings which had been stirring in his consciousness for a long time. They came out of Africa - out of his study of African carving and Bushman painting, his love for African music and dancing, and out of the sympathetic and deeper levels of his own mind. He called them 'African Improvisations'. One complete set of fifteen is now reproduced in a special Portfolio. They were painted in black dye applied with a pen with a felt nib and are now lithographed on fifteen separate sheets in the same size that they were drawn. These 'African Improvisations' were among the works chosen for the John Dronsfield Memorial Exhibition at the South African National Gallery last year, and they are here presented for collectors of art and Africana.The edition is limited to 120 portfolios. .. of which only 110 are for sale. Subscribers are invited to order copies, at the price of three guineas, by completing the attached order-form." From the prospectus.